Andy MattisonOct 15, 2017, 6:38 pm

Valhalla salutes veterans during Kensico Dam Plaza concert

Event offered services to support former service members


VALHALLA — Several bands took the stage at the Kensico Dam Plaza to salute veterans on Sunday in Valhalla.

Nine bands took the stage including Vinny Pastore and the Gangster Squad Band. Pastore, well known for his role in the “Sopranos,” said all the bands have volunteered their time to thank the veterans for their service.

"This is a celebration today so rather than just be talking about all of the things that veterans do we thought it would be time to have some fun and that's what this day is all about," said Ron Tocci, Westchester County Veterans Services Director.

There were also several booths with veteran’s services trying to give them the support they need.

"It's nice that the county still recognizes the sacrifices that a lot of members of all the branches of the armed forces gave. People gave up two, three, four years of their life and some people gave up their lives," Navy veteran Michael Zygmunt said.

The concert is one of many tributes that will be made for Veterans Day in November.

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