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Over 60 Westchester County swimming areas tested for bacteria

If the water is consumed individuals could experience GI symptoms


GLEN ISLAND – Over 60 public swimming areas in Westchester County are being tested for bacteria to make they’re safe to use. The locations are sampled once a week along the Long Island Sound, in the Hudson and in various lakes.

Assistant Commissioner to Westchester County's Health Department Pete Delucia said this water testing is mandated by the state and so far this year only one beach was closed. It was closed pre-emptively following a thunderstorm.

“When we do these samples we send the water to the lab and what we're checking for is bacteria that’s an indicator of basically human waste being in the water and there's a certain standard and if its above that standard we know we have to close the beaches at that point in time we'll resample until were below the standard and it would be safe to go back swimming,” Delucia said.

If an individual enters the water while it's contaminated Delucia says there could be side effects.

“Basically it’s not the serious usually you'll get a rash or something like that if you are unfortunate enough to ingest some water. You can get basic GI symptoms, things like that unpleasant stomach cramps and things like that so we really want to avoid that,” Delucia said.

The county also does testing from a boat to get make sure it's safe for those who decide to swim further out. The testing takes place from June through September.

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