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Kids get a dash of inspiration and practice their culinary skills in White Plains

Special guest visits young participants at Westchester Magazine's Food and Wine Festival event


WHITE PLAINS — Young chefs had their aprons on and were ready to learn the basics of cooking Sunday as part of the Westchester Magazine's Wine and Food Festival.

About 150 little culinary artists had the opportunity to practice things like how to make a pizza. Hudson Valley's very own Elizabeth Oakes, who recently won "Chopped Junior," joined the participants. She shared with FiOS1 News the experience she had teaching the kids a healthy dish.

"I think it's amazing to see kids so interested in the culinary world, and I’m so lucky to have been introduced to it at a young age," Oakes said. "I love just being a part of my community, seeing all the kids come out from Westchester and seeing how many kids from my area are interested in the same things I am, which is really interesting."

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