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Westchester students win the ‘Un-Hunger Games' by collecting food for charity

Thousands of meals were gathered to satisfy hundreds of families on Thanksgiving


OSSINING -- A competition between three Westchester County schools is putting a positive spin on the movie "Hunger Games" as students race to see how fast they can collect meals to feed the hungry.

"The Un-Hunger Games is a great way we can help out more people, especially right before Thanksgiving. So, I think our school was super excited," said Emma Syoves-Berry, a Sleepy Hollow High School student.

It’s a culmination of high schools students and their efforts to collect canned goods and vital food items within nine days to help those with food insecurities.

Students then pack the items in bins to donate through a local moving company.

"It's very special that we get to help people and especially seeing and counting all the cans and all these boxes. We get to see how we're actually helping people," said Sleepy Hollow High School student Mark Scaglione.

An effortless school-wide collection by Ossining, Sleepy Hollow and Hamilton high schools will provide meals for hundreds of families.

"Altogether, we've brought in about 2,900 meals for the hungry,” Wendy Armstrong of Volunteer New York said. ”So, that's a big deal."

The enthusiasm is not only fueled by helping families who struggle to obtain food but also by the competition.

"First of all, it involves the youth which is what we wanted to do, we want to get them more involved and aware of the hunger issues that are here," Armstrong said.

And then there are the results. The anticipation and subsequent celebration of knowing who collected the most goods.

But whether the students won first, second or third place, all of them are winners for getting meals to underserved communities as they look to collect 10,000 meals for next year's Un-Hunger Games.

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