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Eyewitnesses react to Westchester Medical Center shooting

Employees say they were shocked, however, officials kept everyone safe


VAHALLA – People inside Westchester Medical Center were shocked and confused on Wednesday after a murder-suicide took place. The shooting occurred on the fourth floor. Officials confirmed that two people died, a male and female.

Peter, an employee of the Westchester Medical Center, said it was a scary sight and that officials were on the scene immediately.

"It was definitely frightening. I am shocked. But I think the police and everyone that works here did a great job,” Peter said. “You know definitely scary. But like I said, I think everybody that works here did a great job, in what they did and to keep everyone else safe."

Drs. Jacqueline Green and Joel Brown, who work in the burn unit, said they didn’t hear gunshots but were shocked to hear there was an active shooter in the building.

"What went through my mind is what are we in this now, it’s happening to us now. And why?” Green said.

"When I looked outside the window in the burn unit I see a whole lot of nurses, and doctors running outside,” Brown said.

An anonymous nurse said she heard a loud "pop," thinking it was an explosion, and that people on the floor thought it was a fire at first. The nurse described the scene as chaotic, saying there was smoke everywhere on the fourth floor and people were just running.

"But then somebody said, 'No, it seems like it is a fire,'” the nurse said. "When I was about to go into the room, someone came out [and said,] ‘No, it's a gun it's a gun,’ and then we ran."

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