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Rally in White Plains against Trump Administration’s zero tolerance refugee policy

Crowd: ‘Say it loud, say it clear, refuges are welcome here.'


WHITE PLAINS – A protest was launched by the American Civil Liberties Union on Friday in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement of a new immigration rule, those seeking to come to the United States illegally will be separated from their families. If caught the parents will be sent to federal jail and the children to the department of health and human services.

“Can you imagine coming to this country for protection, your children being taken from you and knowing you may never see them again? Because you're going to be detained for God knows how long. You're probably not going to have a lawyer and your children could be deported back when you're the only person left who can protect them. That sounds like a nightmare. It’s totally real and it’s happening now in this country,” Karin Ponzer said.

Thousands of people across the country are protesting today against the trump administrations zero-tolerance policy on families entering the United States illegally.

"Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here," a group shouted.

Protestors said Sessions’ policies don’t represent them.

“We're standing here because this is the Federal Courthouse and there the one that is doing this in our names, and I don’t want this done in my name,” Rye resident Suki Van Dijk said. “This country has always represented the shining city on a hill and I can't believe that we are now saying to people: ‘sure, try it, we'll rip you apart.’ It’s just heartbreaking.”

Hudson Valley Community Coalition member Luis Ymvla said he interacts daily, with several families in Westchester, who are now struggling because of this new immigration law.

“We here have a lot of families who have their loved one in detention and the kids are asking for them every day and the pain is very big,” Ymvla said.

Others say they're parents of refugees and they wouldn't be here with their families if this immigration style existed back then.

The Trump Administration decided to start separating families caught crossing the border earlier this month, but immigration law experts in White Plains said this is not a law.

“The actions of this administration and of attorney general sessions are explicitly and very directly a threat. I don't think that’s hyperbolic in any way I think he's made it very clear this is a threat to you. If you come into our country we are going to punish you brutally,” Neighbors Link member Karin Ponzer said.

Protests like this are taking place in cities across the country, in hopes lawmakers step up and change this new immigration rule.

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