Josh RhodenApr 18, 2018, 10:47 pm

Woman believes NRA protesters are trying to silence her

Resident in Nanuet found anti-gun signs in her yard after fundraiser event


NANUET — Charlotte Swift claims that she has been harassed due to her support of the National Rifle Association. Allegedly, the harassment began when people protested the Friends of the NRA dinner on Sunday in Pearl River. The group’s event supports organizations like the Boy Scouts of America when conducting fundraisers. Swift, who is an NRA member and gun owner, says that since the dinner when walking outside of her home, she saw a picture in her yard with a rendition of a handgun and a red circle and line through the weapon.

“It was a very personally focused demonstration, and I know some of the things that were said were explicitly stated that people were going to get the people coming out to the dinner.”

In the meantime, Swift says that she filed a police complaint and will not allow the incident to silence her.

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