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Volunteers plant trees in Yonkers in honor of 9/11

Participants say effort was inspired by acts of unity and compassion in wake of tragedy


YONKERS — On Tuesday as the nation reflected on the events of September 11, 2001, many volunteers across the State of New York came together with empathy and unity at the Lenoir Preserve. Along with the organization Volunteer New York, the volunteers dug out the dirt as they prepared to plant something new on a day where tragedy struck many.

"Basically, serving and remembering 9/11," said volunteer Nitia Nonucomer.

The volunteers also remembered the unity and compassion that was shared by many first-responders after the tragic events that impacted many on Sept. 11.

"So today, we are out here at Lenoir Preserve. We had flowers donated by Volunteer New York. We are out here planting right under the kiosk, so that the first experience when people pull into a park is a good one," said volunteer Coordinator Erin Cordiner.

Nitia Nonucomer said she can't even forget. But like many, she carries forward by planting new memories in light of the ones lost on Sept.11.

"I know it is hard, but I feel like we should all be able to live in peace," said Nishta Nonucomer said.

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