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Yonkers Mayor attempts to close $50M budget gap with cutting over 500 jobs

Police, education leaders heated over budget proposal


YONKERS – Around 500 city jobs in Yonkers are expected to be cut as Mayor Mike Spano's office tries to close a nearly $50 million budget gap. At Monday’s council meeting, employees got heated as dozens of people and several union presidents spoke about the impact of potential job and budget cuts.

"If we spend $16 million in overtime this year with the Yonkers police and we lose 72 people which is 12 percent of our job how in the world do they expect to spend $16 million next year? It is impossible, know that it is impossible,” Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson said.

The school district is also in the red. Teachers, teaching and school aids, and bus monitors may also be cut in this budget.

"The Yonkers public schools has been in dire need of funding for school security, mental health resources, and capital improvements. With roughly 27,000 students and an 80 percent poverty rate, a similar percentage of minority population, we need to ensure our schools provide our students with the best chance possible," Yonkers Federation of Teachers president Samantha Rosado-Ciriello said.

The city council must return a balanced by June 1.

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