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Cross County Shopping Center to open new play area in fall

Mayor Mike Spano: ‘How could you not be excited?’


YONKERS – The Cross County Shopping Center broke ground to build Luckey Climber on Tuesday, which will be the region’s first imaginative play space. The new climbing space is both interactive and educational. The outdoor climbing sculpture is a part-jungle gym and will be 16 feet tall and occupy empty space near Old Navy. This play space area will encourage kids to play, but also allow them to problem solve and explore with a little fun.

The play area will be opening this fall.

"That is exciting because I have a little jungle animal already. So, he will fit in perfectly," Yonkers resident Alysia said. "I mean that is beautiful; they should have a shopping playground in every store at this point, honestly. Everyone has kids."

The area was designed by architect Spencer Luckey. Luckey said they have worked in 11 countries all over children's museums, malls, and science centers; however, this is their most significant project.

"Nothing significant like this. And I think this is an amazing commitment to placemaking and spacing and people," Luckey said.

Mayor Mike Spano was present at the groundbreaking and said it's not just a play area that will benefit Yonkers' economy, but it will allow families to develop new memories to cherish.

"How could you not be excited? If you're a young family and you want to come shopping for the day, you know that you can come here, you can do a little bit of shopping, you'll know the place is safe, and the children can have fun in a very educational and interactive park-like setting. So, it’s just a great place for the community," Spano said.

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