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Yorktown Heights community in shock after neighbors’ involvement in murder-suicide

Residents say the hospital should have had more security


YORKTOWN HEIGHTS – Westchester County Police released the names of a Yorktown Heights couple involved in a murder-suicide at the Westchester Medical Center, leaving many in the community in shock.

The couple Richard DeLucia and Ann DeLucia lived at Jefferson Village on Molly Pitcher lane. Police combed the neighborhood on Wednesday, trying to figure out why Richard DeLucia killed his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

Neighbors are shocked and feel there should be more security at the hospital.

"He had a rifle, they should tighten up security with metal detectors Westchester medical," Peekskill resident George Ondek said. "It is very sad, I can understand, I’m married over 50 years. If I got a terminal illness and I was in pain, I can understand why. Maybe she asked him to do it, we'll never know but it is sad."

The married couple was in their early 70s and Ann DeLucia was a patient at the Westchester Medical Center.

Police said a note was found in the couple's home in which Richard DeLucia wrote that he was distraught over his wife's medical issues and wanted to end her suffering.

Police said he used a 38-caliber revolver to kill his wife before turning the gun on himself.

Others are saddened by the news and said they're surprised this incident happened so close to their homes.

"It’s very surprising. You would not think that would happen in Yorktown or Jefferson Valley or Northern Westchester," Peekskill resident Amir Saunders said.

Jefferson Village resident Carol said the couple was always in and out of the hospital.

“It's sad, it's sad,” Jefferson Village resident Carol said. “It's very sad what happened. First he was sick. Then she got sick. And she was in and out of the hospitals and I think he just didn't want to see her suffer anymore.”

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