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Young Ossining scientist earns award for groundbreaking Alzheimer's research

High school senior Sarah Hoffman spent 3 years studying how gender impacts patients with the disease


OSSINING — After completing a three-year research project studying the impact gender has on Alzheimer's patients, a Hudson Valley high school student is gaining national recognition.

Ossining High School Senior Sarah Hoffman, 17, has a unique interest in science earned her the Neuroscience Research Prize. She’s one of four students in the country to receive such an honor.

"So my research itself is on sex differences in Alzheimer's disease pathology. So it arose initially from a study on type 2 diabetes that I was doing alongside another graduate student in the lab, Nina Markle," Hoffman explained.

Science teacher, Angelo Piccirillo, helps run the science research program at Hoffman’s school. She works to push students like Hoffman to use the program to share their research in national competitions. Hoffman has been part of the group since her sophomore year.

"She has always done everything that we asked her to do, and more than that, she's always gone above and beyond," Piccirillo said.

The 17-year-old is aiming for a career in medicine and is excited to continue her work as a junior scientist.

“I've always known I wanted to do science, particularly medicine. That's always just been something that's pulled me in," Hoffman said.

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