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2 suspects charged in shooting of Yonkers police officer face judge

Officer Kayla Maher was shot in jaw during gun fight


YONKERS — The two suspects charged in a September gunfight that injured a police officer appeared in Yonkers City Court on Thursday.

18-year-old Frank Valencia and 22-year-old Jerry Reyes of New Rochelle went before a judge.

Valencia was rolled into court in a wheelchair for his next hearing, still recovering from injuries related to the shooting, with his hands and feet bound by shackles.

Valencia is charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon after police say he fired multiple times at Officer Kayla Maher, hitting her in the jaw. Her fellow officers carried her out of the gunfight to safety. She is now recovering from her injuries.

But not much came out of the hearing. Both the defense and prosecution requested an adjournment for a later date.

If Valencia is convicted of attempted murder he could face 20 years to life in prison.

Reyes is facing a charge of criminal possession of a weapon. He was free to leave after posting a $250,000 bond. His case will now go to county court and a grand jury will determine if there is enough evidence to indict him. Reyes' attorney says his client had no prior criminal record and wasn't armed the night of the shooting.

Valencia, however, has two past run-ins with the law. The NYPD says they found him last year in the Bronx in possession of 300 rounds of ammo and an arsenal of weapons.

"I was pretty horrified because I still don't know why he was in that neighborhood, and whatever he was planning on doing, he got scared and shot a police officer at point-blank range and could have killed her," Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano said.

Officials say Officer Maher is doing well recovering at home and is hoping to get back on the job soon.



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