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Mother, children scratched by wild turkey in Larchmont

Residents on high alert following attack


Lindsey Anderson and her daughters ran into a large wild turkey in their front yard in Larchmont on Tuesday afternoon, and it wasn't a friendly encounter.

"I ran into the road and he jumped on my back and I started running down the road and he got on my back a second time. I'm screaming, so my neighbors’ babysitter was getting in her car and opened the back door, my daughter jumped in," Anderson said.

Anderson says she and her daughter have a few scratches from the encounter.

Neighbors say the wild turkey has been near Valley Stream Road for a couple weeks.

"I was driving along East Brookside and I saw the turkey on somebody's lawn. Very unusual for this area. Large healthy looking bird," Chris Gorman said.

The police are trying to make sure the wild turkey doesn't attack anyone else, but Anderson says she was told a trapper needs a permit in order to catch it.

"I have three daughters and none of them would go outside. They were very worried to leave the house this morning. I had to go out and make sure there are no turkeys,” Anderson said.

Residents are looking out for the turkey but hope for a quick conclusion to the ordeal.



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