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Murder of beloved Mamaroneck postal worker remains unresolved 10 years later

FiOS1 News and Journal News take a look into the killing of Stephen Spina


It's a murder that stunned a local community. Stephen Spina was killed inside his apartment in Mamaroneck. A decade later, the person responsible is still on the loose.

Who wanted to kill Stephen? Are investigators getting closer to finding the killer? How is his family coping ten years later? FiOS1 News and the Journal News looked back at this unsolved case.

"I screamed super, super loud," says Skyler Spina who remembers it like it was yesterday, the September day when her mother told her her father was no longer alive. 12-years-old at the time, Skyler reflects on her father's murder ten years later.

On a special bench dedicated to her dad at the Harbour Island Park ballfields, a place she says her father loved to be.

"I think this year is harder than most years because it has been almost a decade. So it’s harder this year than most others," Skyler says.

On Sept. 17, 2007, Skylar’s father Stephen Spina, the beloved Larchmont postal worker, was repeatedly stabbed inside his apartment. And now the Journal News is revisiting this cold case. Investigative reporters Mark Lungariello and Chris Eberhart spend weeks looking into the decade-old murder.

“They liked to call it the ‘friendly village’ and it seemed a little less friendly after this. There’s no doubt about that,” Lungariello says as to the perception of Mamaroneck before and after the murder.

It was a bright Monday, a day off for Stephen Spina. What was supposed to be a day of relaxation, lunch with his girlfriend, and a night time Yankees’ game with the love of his life, his daughter Skyler, instead, was a day of horror.

Police say Spina was murdered in cold blood sometime during the mid-morning hours.

Ten years later and the building where the gruesome murder took place still hasn't changed. There's an eerie, yet serene sense of quiet which is so apparent. It's that same silence which has detectives working this case extremely frustrated.

"Even though we feel like we did everything we could of, the bottom line is there's somebody out there who did it and he's not in jail. So you kind of feel like you didn't do your job," says Mamaroneck Police Department Det. Richard Carroll.

Yet, Det. Carroll has been relentless in his attempt to find Spina's killer, collecting box loads of evidence and case files, interviewing hundreds of people, including persons of interest.

"There's a couple of people we've been looking at, digging into some relevant suspects, re-looking into them, and now looking into some, you know, friends of theirs, relatives of theirs," Det. Carroll says.

"There aren't as many witnesses, memories are not as good as they were before, the people that might‘ve known something might not be living in the village anymore. You know, some of the evidence is stale," says Journal News reporter Chris Eberhart has been following this case for more than two years.

And what makes this investigation more difficult is that there was no forced entry into Spina's apartment and nothing was stolen, leaving police to surmise that, more than likely, Spina knew his killer.

"It is an open wound for the village. Ten years later, they still talk about it, they still wonder about it and they all still hope for some kind of closure," Lungariello says.

Spina's family is not giving up hope that his killer will be off the streets and brought to justice.

The Mamaroneck Police Department and spina's family are offering a nearly $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction for the murder of Stephen Spina.



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