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Ralph’s Italian Ices in Mamaroneck remains open, despite village order to close

At issue are complaints from several neighbors about noise, crowds and traffic


In an act of defiance, the owner of a popular ice cream shop in Mamaroneck says he will stay open, despite the village's order to close up shop.

Ralph's Italian Ices and Ice Cream was packed Friday night

"I don't think it should be closing down at all because there's a lot of people who come here and it would disrupt a lot of people if it closed down" said Ashley Bochek of Harrison.

"We heard it was closing and we like Ralph's a lot so we came" Cassidy Geni from the Bronx.

The ice cream stand was ordered to shut down Thursday night after the village denied them a special use permit to allow them to keep operating. But on Friday, owner Scott Rosenberg defied the orders and opened for business.

"They weren't fair at all. They wouldn't let us speak at the last meeting, we had all their concerns addressed. All we wanted to do was be heard. You know, it's the middle of our season. Shutting us down in July is not really fair at all" Rosenberg said.

At issue are traffic concerns, noise and parking near the ice cream stand. Several neighbors have complained about the large crowd that gathers at the ice cream stand at night. In the wake of the controversy it appears the ice cream's popularity is only growing as everyone waits to see what will happen next.

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