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New body camera program sheds light on Maybrook shooting

The Maybrook police released body camera footage of the shooting as a part of protocol for all county officer-involved shootings

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Police: Man who shot chief in shoulder is found dead in home 

Body camera video shows the police standoff with Anthony Bostick in Maybrook on Tuesday. Authorities say Bostick barricaded himself in his home and refused to open the door for police or surrender.

"What you see during part of the video is Chief Arnold Amthor was shot and one of the officers pulled him to safety," recalled Christopher Borek, assistant district attorney for Orange County.

Borek did not identify the officers involved in the shooting other than Montgomery police chief Arnold Amthor, who was shot during the encounter.

Bostick was killed, and police believe he may have shot himself. The investigation is ongoing into Tuesday’s standoff, and the video is being made public as part of a new protocol for officer-involved shootings in Orange County.

"It’s the intention of District Attorney Hoovler that a report be issued be issued at the conclusion of this, so the public can see all of the results of the investigation," said Borek.

We showed the video to a few people in Orange County to get their reaction.

"If there's any questionable doubt, there's the footage,” said Dave Coene of Warwick. “It details the whole crime."

"It is a dangerous occupation, sure no doubt,” said Gordon Law of Greenville.

Many feel the use of body cameras helps with the investigation, one that has changed dramatically since 2015 because of the new protocol.



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