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After Rye derailment, Metro-North mostly back on schedule

Though service has returned mostly to normal, a 10 mph speed restriction and platform changes mandated may cause delays

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Delays on Metro-North New Haven line due to minor derailment in Rye 

Another derailment on a Metro North train in Westchester County threw a number of riders off track Friday morning, including Laurie Likoff, who was riding to Grand Central Terminal:

"Well so far I just missed my train into Manhattan because it usually comes in on that side and now the track changed here and as I was running across the overpass, the train pulled out. So I'm trying to stay calm and not get overly upset and wait for the next train coming in.”

Chrise Abele, who was also at the station said, "I'm waiting for my son to show up which is delayed approximately 12 minutes or so.

Thursday’s derailment didn’t just affect people in Westchester. A commuter bound for New Haven says his train skipped its usual three stops, sending the riders past where they needed to be.

Riders had to get off and wait for another train to take them back through Rye, Port Chester and Greenwich. Meanwhile, the out-of-service train sat on a track throughout rush hour, causing platform changes and delays.

The commute wasn’t bad for everyone today, though, as Greg Boester from Rye proved, saying “I looked at the board and everything is running on time. I have full trust in the MTA to take care of the issue. It's actually closer for my walk over from my house, so it's actually convenient for me today."

Still, another derailment means another reason to worry about safety riders like Juan Tiejeda:

"I mean it does put it in the back of your mind if there is something wrong with the rails or if it's driver-error. It kind of plays an important part because this is what we use to commute daily and if something like this should happen at a high rate of speed there could be greater calamities."

A 10 mile-per-hour speed restriction, mandated by the MTA, is in effect around the curve where the derailment happened.

The MTA is investigating whether or not speed was a factor in causing the derailment.

Riders heading out of the Metro North station in Rye today should listen out for any announcements about changes to routes.



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