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Mobile Food Pantry aids food insecure Mt. Vernon residents

The truck, run by the Elmsford-based Food Bank for Westchester, has six distributions each month

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For so many people living in Mount Vernon, like Edwina Tillman, hunger is a reality.

"This program has to go on," said Tillman. "You can't stop this. You have people that are really hungry."

Edwina has lived in Mount Vernon all her life and has volunteered with the Food Bank for Westchester's mobile food pantry for the past seven years.

"It's about making sure everybody has something to eat, making sure," added Edwina.

Nearly every day, the Food Bank's truck makes distributions in different communities that are food insecure.

Peter Pozo has been driving the mobile food pantry for over four years and says food insecurity in Westchester is a much bigger problem than people realize.

"Your next door neighbor might be going hungry, and you might never know," said Pozo. "But in communities like ours, there is so much abundance and affluence, that we need to put ourselves out there a little bit and help if we can. Because it makes such a difference, it makes a difference."

To those who need it most, the mobile food pantry means not having to feel hungry every month.

"You come up short sometimes," said Rosetta Pegues. "And you really need this. You know?"

"I need it. I definitely need it," said Chip Moore. "There are a lot of people that just can't afford food."

The Food Bank for Westchester has at least six distributions in Mount Vernon every month, where they make deliveries to different churches and schools in the community.

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