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Monsey residents shocked after 14-month-old struck and killed by taxi

People in the area say they feel for the ‘beautiful, nice young family’


Ramapo police say a 14-month-old boy was struck and killed by a taxi cab after it was backing out of a driveway of a home in Monsey Sunday afternoon.

Police say the American Latina taxi had picked someone up at 3 Johanna Ln. around five o'clock and was backing up when the accident happened. The child, who has not been identified, lived in the residence.

After he was hit, police say the boy was taken by ambulance to Good Samaritan Hospital with serious injuries but did not survive. Investigators say the driver of the taxi, a 41-year-old Monsey resident, remained on scene.

Neighbors say their thoughts are with the family.

"We are all devastated of the story of how a young child could just fade away," said neighbor Leib Zins, who described his neighbors as “a beautiful, nice young family.”

"I just felt for the parents, the family and also for the person that ran over this child, you know? I just couldn't sleep. It was very heart-wrenching," said Opal Tavares. She added while she doesn't blame the parents, she thinks parents on her street need to be more aware of their children.

"For me and my family driving around here, once we hit Roberts Road, we have to be on our brakes all the time because the kids will see you coming and then they just run, you know. So I’m saddened. I really am," Tavares said.

The accident comes a little more than a month after a Monsey family was run down while walking along Route 59, killing a three-month-old boy and injuring his mother and two sisters.

At this time, Ramapo police say no charges have been filed but an investigation is ongoing.

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