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Christine CorradoAug 24, 2017, 8:29 pm

Mount Vernon School District celebrates improvements in students' test scores

Students' improvements over the past two years surpassed statewide score improvements


With over 8,000 students attending 16 different students attending 16 different schools in the city, it's a constant challenge to provide students with a quality education in Mount Vernon.

But according to data provided by the school district, test scores for students in the district between grades 3-8 have surpassed statewide score improvements. ELA scores improved by 14%, while math scores improved by 9%.

Mount Vernon Schools Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Hamilton says that over the last two years, the district began using a system called Managing for Results, asking teachers to look closely at data to identify student's strengths and weaknesses and developing strategies to address problems.

Although the Superintendent says that the district's overall state test results are still not where they need to be, the district continues to work hard to improve.

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