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Mt. Vernon school to undergo district-wide student re-registration

The initiative comes amid complaints about nonresident students attending Mt. Vernon schools, costing the city extra money

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Complaints about nonresident students attending Mount Vernon schools have prompted the school district to take action through a district-wide re-registration process beginning Monday and lasting through the summer.

All re-registration times this summer started this morning at the Mount Vernon Board of Education building on Columbus Avenue.

Depending on which school your child attends or plans to attend, though, closing hours and dates for re-registration will vary.

Parents need to bring at least two documents as proof of residency, such as a pay stub or a utility bill.

Parents should check the Mount Vernon school district website for the scheduled re-registration dates and times to make sure of the deadlines.
Elias Gootzeit, a former Mount Vernon school board trustee says having non-city students attend the schools does cost extra money, as he recalls a specific case:

"At that time they found 1,000 children attending the school district who shouldn't have been here,” said Gootzeit. “And when they did that, the amount of money they saved, they were able to do repairs on the district."

Some parents, like Iamaris Courtney, agree, saying, "It is sort of like an inconvenience because for us that have been here – that have our kids (here) since Pre-K – it is a little inconvenient."

But as the district continues to invest in itself, Courtney says the students will benefit more, saying, "Mount Vernon is gaining momentum. Things are getting better. Things are getting done. New opportunities for our students are opening up so I'm very content with what's going on."

Parents and guardians who have questions or concerns regarding re-registration can call or email the school district office.



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