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Gov. Cuomo: NY to send relief shipments to hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico

100 doctors, 200 nurses and medical supplies took off for the island Tuesday


WHITE PLAINS — Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced at Westchester County Airport Tuesday morning the state will send supplies to Puerto Rico today. He says this is the first of a series of shipments heading to the hurricane-ravaged island.

Gov. Cuomo says the aid sent is part of a two-pronged program. On one hand, the State of New York will be providing medical equipment and on the other, medical personnel.

The governor believes the reason New York has given a pronounced reaction to the ongoing situation in Puerto Rico is because the Puerto Rican community is such a vibrant part of the state.

One hundred doctors and 200 nurses along with much-needed medical supplies took off for the island. In total, over 300 officials and half a million dollars of goods will be sent. The governor, who recently visited Puerto Rico last month, says the medical community stepping up the way it is now is significant because of the cutbacks it has had to deal with.

"I believe this state has done more to help Puerto Rico than any state in the United States and I am proud of that," Cuomo said.

The governor was asked on his thoughts on how President Trump, who headed to Puerto Rico on Tuesday, handled the situation with the storm-devastated island.

"I think FEMA was slow to respond. On the president, I think it’s good he's going there now. I think it would've been better if he had gone earlier. My first rule is show up. Showing up when you're in a position of power, you're president of the United States, would give such a reassurance to the community," Cuomo responded.

On top of that, Gov. Cuomo wants the people of Puerto Rico to know you're not alone, the state of New York is with you and we love you.

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