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Nearly a thousand people turn out for premiere of ‘Man in Red Bandana’

Welles Crowther of Nyack receives national recognition for his heroism on 9/11


A documentary about an equities trader who saved lives during 9/11 captured the hearts of nearly a thousand people at the Lafayette Theater in Suffern.

'Man in Red Bandana' follows the story of Welles Crowther, a Nyack native who was in the south tower of the world trade center when two jets crashed into the buildings, killing 2,600 people.

Although Welles did not survive that day, his final moments on this earth are what makes him a hero.

Richard Fern is a 9/11 survivor who owes his life to 24-year-old Welles Crowther.

“I was kind of trapped and I didn't know where to go so when I heard the voice I ran to where I heard the voice and I saw Welles lining people up to direct them down the staircase so I was able to get ahead of them and jump down the staircase and was able to go to safety,” Fern said.

Fern was not the only one who was saved by Welles. According to numerous survivors, the man wearing a red bandana saved many people on 9/1, before the buildings came crashing down.

“It’s very sad at points, you're going to cry, your heart will break but then when you learn what Welles did that day you will be uplifted and inspired,” said Matthew Weiss, writer and director of the 'Man in Red Bandana.'

Welle's parents Alison and Jeff Crowther we're among the hundreds waiting in line to see the movie, beyond proud of their son and of the film.

“He uncovered actually some of the people that Welles rescued that we never knew about that were involved and so he's gotten the scenes perspective from their eyes which is just really astonishing. It's just a beautiful work, people just have to come see it,” Alison Crowther said.

The documentary will be playing at Bow Tie Cinema in New City from Sept. 8 to Sept. 14.



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