Ariana Lubelli Aug 16, 2017, 11:18 pmAug 18, 2017, 7:02 am

New Rochelle hoping to attract millennials with tech-savvy buildings

Mayor Noam Bramson announced the development of a 6-story, 71-unit building


Buildings are going up all across New Rochelle's downtown and the city has high hopes that they'll draw in millennials.

Today, Mayor Noam Bramson announced the development of a new six-story, 71-unit building that will sit across the street from the popular New Roc City entertainment center and next to Trump Plaza New Rochelle.

"It's exciting to see a mixed-use, exciting, livable, walkable, culturally-vibrant downtown beginning to take shape," Bramson said.

Developers say they believe that the tech-friendly apartment features and trendy design will attract the younger crowd.

"We're very geared towards building towards the Brooklyn, Tribeca-type renters as well as condo-owners so that's what we wanted to try to deliver here, not only from a quality perspective but also from a technology perspective," Founder and CEO of Megalith Capital Management Sam Sidhu said.

The app and phone-based technology includes help with package delivery, entry systems into the apartment, and other building management roles. The apartments are designed to be small in size to enhance affordability for young professionals.

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