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New York Medical College seniors receive residency assignments

Over 200 future psychiatrists, physicians and surgeons celebrated on the annual match day

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Joy filled the air Friday afternoon at the New York Medical College's annual match day, a ceremony during which these young doctors find out what hospitals they will spend their residencies at.

“This is where they know that all of that hard work that they have persevered to accomplish has gotten them to their specialty of choice,” said Dr. Gladys Ayala.

Across the country, 17,000 other medical school seniors received their match envelopes, in addition to the over 200 given out at NYMC.

“It’s a very long, difficult journey, and I’m very excited to take the next step,” said Michael Goltzman, a residency hopeful from Westchester.

Goltzman, along with many others, say they were matched with their first choice schools, leaving many both excited and nervous.

“I’m just going to try to enjoy it for now, before I start freaking out about how I have to be a real doctor in like a couple months.”

Despite this being the next step of the rest of their lives, others say they'll take it a day at a time.

“Everyone's a little nervous about residency, but we'll float with the punches as they come,” said Jingnan Bu of Virginia.

New York Medical College’s group of future doctors includes psychiatrists, physicians, and even surgeons.

Jeff Aston of Long Island says he’s "…going into plastics for Botox, and I’m like, 'I’m not qualified to do that!’ but, I will be. It's amazing.”

The seniors are not done quite yet. They still have to receive their diplomas this spring, but Dr. Ayala says, the academic careers of these doctors-to-be have already peaked, as of today.

The new doctors will be spread all across the country to at least 29 other states, but almost half of them will continue to practice here in New York.



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