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New York's education commissioner tours 4 East Ramapo schools

High-ranking education official checks on progress at troubled district

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New York's Highest Ranking education official, peppers the East Ramapo School District superintendent and Elmwood Elementary school principal with questions on staff development and leadership skills.

The state education commissioner visited four East Ramapo District schools today including Elmwood Elementary in Monsey.

It's the commissioner’s third visit to the district this year alone.

“I think the level of engagement is very obvious, the culture in the school is very collaborating and supportive of students and their needs," Elia said.

Last year, a bond was passed allocating money towards the district to improve buildings and programs—Elia says she believes the money has been well spent

"We were able to put in our full day kindergarten program as well as music and art in some of the classrooms and some of the schools we are very interested in continuing that work," she said.

Charles Szuberla is one of the state monitors assigned to the district, he says right now the district is financially stable and academic scores are improving. But there is still work to be done on building trust between the communities, namely the immigrant parents of public school children versus the Hasidic Jewish-dominated school board.

"I am giving them my feedback, their interactions with the public. I attend the board meeting and the executive session and I think in general we are working well together but there is more work to do," Szuberla said.

Both education officials say they see a vast improvement in school culture and look forward to continuing this work.



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