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Orangetown may soon be the new home to the New York City Football Club

Orangetown may soon be the new home to the New York City Football Club

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Seventeen acres of land on Old Orangeburg Road may soon become the training center for the New York City Football Club, according to Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart.

"It was a vacant piece of land and with the new purchase and the development there, it will pay more taxes and also its fun to have a professional soccer team practicing in town," Stewart said.

The land was formerly part of the Rockland Psychiatric Center before it was purchased by developers in 2011,

At the time of its purchase, the town made an agreement with the developers that town officials would have exclusive rights to an indoor soccer facility if they agreed to fund offsite road improvements in the area.

"We have other developers interested in doing indoor sports and want them to be able to go ahead, but this property held that right," Stewart said.

The town council voted to drop those restrictions in the NYCFC deal; in return, NYCFC will donate $250,000 dollars to the town for road improvements.

According to the plans, the facility will offer a massive practice field, offices, a gym, and parking.

"Right across the street we have the town park and soccer complex, so hopefully there will be a little back of forth and some of those professional players will be participating and making themselves available somehow because there’s so many people in Orangetown, kids in particular, who play soccer and love the sport, it's exciting for us to see this kind of development," Stewart said.

Stewart says the town will welcome the professional soccer team with open arms.



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