Andy MattisonSep 3, 2017, 10:23 pm

Official: Greenburgh cemetery memorial dedicated to Confederate soldiers here to stay

The memorial is a tribute to soldiers who fought on both sides of the Civil War


The nationwide movement to take down Confederate statues and monuments has come to Westchester.

Among the thousands of gravestones at Mount Hope Cemetery, more than 40 of them belong to Confederate soldiers. Soldiers who were buried at the Greenburgh cemetery after the civil war ended.

The 60-foot monument towers over the other gravestones and it is now in the spotlight as different cities and towns look at removing Confederate statues and monuments.

"There's soldiers who moved from down south to the north and then when they got older they decided and their supporters decided to purchase land at the cemetery," said Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.

Supervisor Feiner looked into the issue after receiving a complaint from a neighbor about the monument.

The issue has caused some strong reactions, including an anti-Semitic message Feiner recently received.

After speaking with the NAACP and the Hastings mayor, Feiner feels the monument doesn't need to be taken down.

"I think it's a symbol of recognition, getting along and I think that's what we need in the country right now. Less hatred, less anger, and for people to put aside their differences and start working together and living together," Feiner said.

Feiner says the monument was dedicated by soldiers who fought on both sides during the civil war. He adds the town doesn't have jurisdiction over the cemetery.

In a statement, the Mount Hope Cemetery Association president echoed the same thoughts: “The burial ground was dedicated in 1897 as a final resting place for veterans and their families who settled here after the war ended. The plot and monument are not owned by the cemetery and therefore cannot be altered. Please, understand the protection of and peace for the 100,000 souls interred at Mount Hope and their families is my paramount concern.”



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