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Officials investigating cause of roof collapse at National Wholesale Liquidators

Yonkers Building Department will erect structure to temporarily support roof so reconstruction can begin

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A nearly 40-foot hole now remains in the parking structure above the National Wholesale Liquidators Discount Store in Yonkers with signs instructing everyone to keep out.

Five people were sent to the hospital when the concrete gave way and a Bobcat on the parking lot above dropped 30 feet into the store below.

William Schneider, the commissioner of the Yonkers Building Department, says an investigation is underway into what the Bobcat was doing on the roof. The building owner, AAC Cross County Mall, was supposed to coordinate construction with the Building Department, but Schneider says they failed to do so.

"Prior to going on to the roof and prior to starting construction, they are supposed to contact us. So we did not know that they had actually begun construction. What they were actually doing with their machine on there, we do not know," Schneider says.

The next step is to put plans in place to rebuild the structure, which Schneider hopes to begin by Saturday. As far as the extent of damage is concerned, Schneider says it will be a long time before anyone is allowed back inside the building. The investigation could take weeks.

Schneider says they will erect a structure inside to temporarily support the roof while crews remove the debris. "I’ll issue a building permit for that hopefully tomorrow, and I want to get them started working as soon as possible,” he says.

FiOS1 News reached out to AAC Cross County, but so far, they did not return our request for comment.

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