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Ossining elementary school janitor continued working following sex abuse arrest

School officials say they were not notified when Samuel Campbell was arrested last year

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Ossining elementary school parents and administrators are demanding answers after a janitor continued working for the school after being arrested on sexual abuse charges.

A shocking letter was sent to parents of students at Brookside Elementary School on Wednesday about the incident that administration says they weren't aware of.

In the letter, School Superintendent Raymond Sanchez says longtime janitor Samuel Campbell was arrested last year for sexually abusing a minor in Poughkeepsie. He was convicted last month and then taken to jail.

“At no time did any level of law enforcement in Dutchess County contact the Ossining School District to inform us of this serious matter. Mr. Campbell's employment would have been suspended until the legal process was completed,” Superintendent Sanchez said in the statement.

A day after the letter was sent some parents are still only hearing about the incident for the first time now and are demanding answers for how this was allowed to happen.

The school declined to comment on the letter.

FiOS1 News also reached out to Poughkeepsie police and the Dutchess County District Attorney but have not heard back.

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