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Passaic Valley line riders report a relatively peaceful commute

Despite the expected commuter crisis on Monday, Nanuet commuters claim they didn't experience delays on this first day


A commuter crisis was expected Monday with repairs starting at Penn Station, but commuters in Nanuet told FiOS1 News they didn't experience any delays.

After hearing the whole thing was going to be a commuter crisis, FiOS1 News asked commuters whether they were anticipating the worst.

"Yes and no. I wasn't really sure about the delays,” said Riddhi Patel of New City. “I have to get into work on time I don't want to be commuting two hours. But I didn't see that bad of a delay today."

Riders like Dan McDermott of Nanuet claimed there were larger crowds when they transferred at Secaucus Junction or Hoboken to get home.

“It was crowded; very, very crowded today,” said McDermott. “A lot of people in suits and police.”

Many said they are giving themselves more time until the repairs are complete. One rider headed into the city hadn't heard about the repair work but said in Hoboken he's sticking with the path.

“I didn't know the tracks were closed, honestly until you told me honestly,” said Vladimir Preval of Nanuet. “So I am still going to go into Hoboken and take the PATH right into 34th or whatever, to me it won't be too bad.”

At Hoboken, riders can also take a bus or ferry. The PATH will add about 30 minutes to passenger commutes, while the ferry will add about 45. Riders with NJ Transit tickets can access both or the bus at no extra cost.

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