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PD: Dozens of teen vandals may be responsible for slew of car break-ins in Westchester

Police urge residents to lock their cars


HARTSDALE -- Police in Greenburgh are reminding people to make sure they lock their car doors after a car was stolen Monday night in Hartsdale with at least four others broken into.

Greenburgh police say the break-ins happened Monday night and the suspects targeted cars that were unlocked, making off with things like credit cards, money, and a GPS system.

Officials say there could be dozens more teenage vandals out there.

Donna Turnbull's Acura was one of the at least four vehicles broken into in the Columbia Avenue area of Hartsdale.

"Horrible, violated. I burst out crying, ran to my husband who is a retired police officer," Turnbull said.

Turnbull thought her credit cards were missing, but she thankfully later found them. She didn't understand why the thieves didn't take anything of hers but stole her neighbor’s 2014 Subaru Impreza Hatchback.

"They took my neighbor's car, they literally took her car," she said.

She just wants to remind people that no matter how safe their community is they should lock their car doors. And Greenburgh police echoing the warning.

After two arrests last week on Columbia Avenue for car break-ins, Greenburgh police say they've learned there may be as many as 70 teens from areas like Mount Vernon and the Bronx going to Greenburgh and other areas targeting unlocked cars.

"I think for the most part we work, we come home, we are trying to take care of our responsibilities and it’s very easy to forget to lock your vehicle," Greenburgh Lt. Kobie Powell said.

Neighbors say they aren't going to be leaving things to habit and will make sure their doors are locked.

"We have expensive car seats, baby gear, and laptop for work in there; all that will be coming inside now," Hartsdale resident Emily Ott said.

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