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Caught on video: Pearl River homes’ mailboxes destroyed

Orangetown PD says it’s unclear whether the 2 incidents are related

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Orangetown Police are searching for the person who they say pulled up to at least two homes in Pearl River last week, beat the mailboxes to the ground, and then sped away by car.

In two of the security videos, a dark Sedan can be seen driving up to a mailbox, a man getting out of his car and begins whacking the mailbox with what looks like a bat. The incident happened last week on Ehrhardt Road and Glen Court in the middle of the night.

Detectives say in a third video, two cars pull up and a man gets out, wrestles the mailbox to the ground and then drives off.

It is unclear if the people in the videos are the same, or what the point of destroying these mailboxes were.

In the meantime, everyone's mailboxes are back in place as police continue to search for the person’s responsible.



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