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Penn Station commuters prep for 'Summer of Hell'

The two-month repair project at Penn Station will close 3 of 21 tracks and delay New Jersey Transit and Amtrak service


If you are a Rockland commuter, getting into Penn station on the Passaic Valley line will be an affair of serious delays tomorrow.

Many commuters will endure a ‘Summer of Hell’ beginning Monday morning, as planned repairs at New York Penn Station commence.

Passengers taking the Passaic Valley line from Nanuet or Spring Valley to Penn Station can expect crowds with New Jersey Transit trains being diverted to Hoboken.

Even getting off the train at Secaucus may not be much better. One Nanuet commuter says there is always a wait in that station.

"You could be waiting there for twenty minutes sometimes," said Dylan Dorrian of Nanuet. "A half hour? You name it. You could be waiting there for a while just to go from Secaucus to Penn Station: just one stop."

The two-month repair project at Penn Station will close some 3 of the 21 tracks, and that means fewer NJ Transit trains in service.

"It can be kind of hectic,” said Christopher Riley, an NJ Transit rider. “There's a lot of frustration, you know; people have to get back and forth from work.”

Nicole Slark of Nanuet said, "I usually go to Penn Station to get the NJ Transit that would come here, but I'll probably just take the bus even though that's long too."

If you ride to Hoboken you can take a bus, ferry or PATH. The PATH, in particular, will add about 30 more minutes to your commute, while the ferry will add about 45. Riders with NJ Transit tickets can access both or the bus at no extra cost.

Amtrak will also be running fewer trains at Penn Station between New York and D.C. and diverting some trains from Albany to Grand Central Terminal.

NJ Transit's executive director has said the first few days of repairs will be tough and delays longer than expected could take a toll on tempers and patients.

For Monday, if you are headed to Penn Station you'll want to give yourself plenty of extra time and pack your patience. To check updates you can go to and use the NJ Transit app.



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