Nicole EdenedoJul 11, 2017, 12:19 pm

Some train riders say taking ferry eases their commute during rail repairs

Commuters do not expect maintenance work at Penn Station to impact their travels


HAVERSTRAW — Tuesday marked Day 2 of the commuter crisis for thousands of train riders as major track repairs at New York City’s Penn Station continue.

People who boarded the Haverstraw ferry to Ossining Tuesday morning were probably thankful to be on the 15-minute express ride across the Hudson River as opposed to adding an extra half an hour or more to their commutes due to the repairs that are slated to continue through Labor Day.

"You don't have to deal with the traffic on the TZ Bridge and it's usually on time," said Jerry Farrugia of Valley Cottage.

Some other commuters were still taking the train but didn’t expect to be too affected.

"People coming from Long Island, they're the ones that are going to get hit the hardest" said Nanuet resident Douglas Aleber.

MTA officials say Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit and Amtrak riders will be the ones most affected during the crisis since service will be reduced by about 20 percent.

Riders in Nanuet on Tuesday morning said they're lucky to have dodged the bullet.

"I’m not nervous at all. What I heard from yesterday, everything went smoothly. I expected a little more traffic in Hoboken to get the PATH train, but I didn't expect it to go very smoothly," said Gordon Krompier of New City.

But that didn't mean some were not worried.

"You know, I’m worried about the commute home rather than the commute in because we take the first train in in the morning and that's 5:15 from this station. So, there's not that many people at this hour," said Diane Tierney of Stony Point.

Taking the ferry is just one alternative to taking the train for commuters. Extra bus services and routes have been added as well to get into Manhattan.

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