Jonathan GordonApr 10, 2018, 8:03 pm

Permit-tussle shuts down Westchester’s 1st professional arcade before it opens

Battleground Zero, White Plains residents say they’re ready for doors to be open


WHITE PLAINS — UK-based electronic games company Battleground Zero was set to become Westchester’s first professional video game arcade over the weekend. However, they claim that the city shut them down.

Battleground Zero CEO Steven Christopherson said in a statement, “We regret to inform you that we had been shut down by the City of White Plains building department. And, to make it worse, we have no idea why since we were in line with all permits and requirements as verified by the White Plains city inspectors.”

However, White Plains Mayor Tom Roach said that there was a misunderstanding in the permit application. According to city law, an accessory building, like one inside of a mall, cannot have more than three electronic games.

“An arcade would be a really cool place for kids to hang out. And we don’t have arcades anywhere anymore, let alone White Plains. You’ve got to go to the city to go to an arcade,” said Joseph Christian of Dobbs Ferry. “It would be cool if there was an arcade here. They should definitely change that.”

People in the area hope that the two sides can find a way to work out the details of Battleground Zero’s location. The mayor’s office says that the building department is trying to sort through everything and will soon be in touch with the arcade about its future in White Plains.

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