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Nearly 200 pharmaceutical drug compounds in Hudson River water

People flushing unused or unwanted drugs down toilets, drains to blame, say environmental groups

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According to Riverkeeper's Water Quality Program Director Dan Shapley, there are around 200 different kinds of pharmaceutical drug compounds floating around the water in the Hudson River.

"Birth control, anti-depressants, compounds to control blood pressure, all of those types of things," Shapley said. Riverkeeper begun sample-taking in early April.

John Migliaccio, a 90-year-old man from Ossining told FiOS1 News, that when he was a boy, he would fish in the water because it was so clean, but not anymore. "I swam in here. I don't think I would swim in here today," he said.

Across the river in Alpine, New Jersey, residents spoke about the precautions they take. Irma Rivera said, "I always tell people, 'Filter your water... eat organic if you can'," while Nelson Rivera remarked, "I wasn't really aware that there was so much of it in the water and it's quite shocking."

People can help prevent water pollution by refraining from flushing unused drugs down the toilet. Dan Shapley recommended, "If you have unused medications, that you finished your prescription but you have some left over, take those to a local police station that typically has a drop box."

Riverkeeper and their scientific partners will conduct more tests on the river next month to further understand the impact these drugs may have on the human body and to the fish in the water.



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