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Phil Simms talks broadcasting, Giants' 2017-2018 chances

The Giants great, now a part of both CBS and Showtimes' NFL shows, believes the New York Giants are one of the top five teams in football

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"Thank you, I’m old,” said Phil Simms. “I look good and feel good"

Simms already has studio experience from Showtime’s Inside the NFL. But now, the New York Giant legend will be a part of two studio teams.

"I was not blindsided,” Simms said. “I remained quiet because I kind of let things die down."

CBS announced in April that Simms will be replaced by former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in the broadcast booth on game days.

"Just a matter of time. Just more reasons than hey I wanted to go to the studio,” commented Simms. “I think I would have continued to do games if that’s what they wanted me to do.”

Simms’ Sundays will now be spent as a part of CBS's pre-game studio show

"I will be able to watch every NFL game every week,” said Simms happily. “That's a pretty good job. It's a lot different. You dang right it sounds good."

Although his Franklin Lakes mansion is up for sale, Phil and his wife Diana are staying put in the Garden State.

"I say the chances of me ever moving are probably about 0, maybe one percent. I doubt it, I don't know. I love it here,” said Simms. “No matter what would happen, I will always stay in New Jersey.”

Simms has some adjusting to do at CBS and Showtime. His former colleague and now New York Giant, wideout Brandon Marshall, will not be featured on this season's Inside the NFL, now that he is a New York Giant and Simms thinks he may have a big season.

"First off, it's going to help Brandon Marshall because they like to throw the ball, the Giants,” said Simms. “And he's got this guy on the other side called Odell Beckham Jr., so they can't double team everybody."

The G-Men have high expectations entering this season. With the addition of Marshall and others, Simms thinks his former team has a shot at the Super Bowl.

"Without question, and I’m not biased at all. I think I’m kind of hard on the Giants. People say ‘You're such a homer.’ I think they killed it in the draft. I think the New York Giants are absolutely one of the top four or five teams in football."

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