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Election Day: GOP incumbent and Democratic senator vie in race for Westchester executive

Rob Astorino aims to run for third term in office as he faces challenger George Latimer


RYE — Polls are open and one of the biggest and closely contested races is for the office of Westchester County executive.

Republican incumbent and two-term Executive Robert Astorino is taking on Democratic State Sen. George Latimer.

Latimer cast his Tuesday morning at the Rye Recreation Department building. The Democratic challenger was in good spirits.

"I'm good. It's been a long trail and it gets grueling the closer you get to the finish line," Latimer said.

With the finish line in sight, Sen. Latimer couldn't help himself but squeeze one more knock on his opponent.

"There’s a lot of talk about Rolex’s. I'm consider myself a Timex. I took a licking but I keep on ticking," Latimer said.

According to a recent poll by RNN, The Journal News and LoHud, Latimer is narrowly leading Astorino 51 to 49 percent.

A little less than a half hour away, County Executive Astorino, along with his wife and three children, made his vote official in Hawthorne.

"The reason why I ran is ‘cause I still have the passion. You know, the fire's still in my belly. There's still a lot of things we want to get done. So the progress is just going to continue," Astorino said.

The polls close at nine tonight. Should Astorino win, he'd become the first county executive in 20 years to win a third term. If Latimer takes it, he'd be just the third democrat to hold the position.

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