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Westchester executive candidates make final campaign push ahead of Election Day

Sen. George Latimer, incumbent Rob Astorino share their final thoughts on the race


WHITE PLAINS — Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and challenger State Senator George Latimer made their final stops to get out the vote before Election Day.

Both candidates established their core values to voters, with Latimer positioning himself as the candidate that will change the status quo and Astorino asking voters to consider the work he's done while in office.

Latimer and Astorino have been picking up endorsements for weeks. A long list of law enforcement agencies, unions and multicultural groups have backed Astorino while many community-based groups and pro-choice community have named Latimer as their choice.

Two-time incumbent Rob Astorino, who is fighting for his third term in office, says voters should judge him on how far Westchester has come since he took office eight years ago.

"Judge me on the past eight years where we haven't raised property taxes, where we aren't going to in the future. Where we have a good economy with 44,000 new jobs and where we've governed in a bi-partisan way, and I think that really separates me from the vitriolic campaigns going on around the country," Astorino said.

But Latimer says he offers a change that he feels is needed in Westchester.

"If you're happy with job development, if you’re happy with the level of affordable housing, then you have the status quo and you can vote for the status quo. But if you think we need a change, that's what I offer. If you think our environmental protection is adequate, if you think selling off the airport is a good thing, then you have it. But I offer change to that."

The polls in Westchester County will open at 6 a.m. and will remain open until 9 p.m. on Tuesday.



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