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Port Chester, Rye Brook reach settlement over shared fire department services

Rye Brook will pay Port Chester $500K per year for the two years of their contract

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A dispute that began when Port Chester eliminated its 8 paid firefighters in 2016 to save the village $800K has finally come to an end, as Port Chester and Rye Brook have come to an agreement over shared fire department services.

At the time, Rye Brook felt that Port Chester had broken their agreement, established in 2013. The agreement had Rye Brook paying Port Chester $1M per year to have one of their paid firefighters work the Rye Brook overnight shift. Since Port Chester eliminated those paid firefighters, Rye Brook has been paying their current firefighters overtime.

Now, the agreement between the two villages means that Rye Brook will pay Port Chester half their agreed fee, $500K per year for the two years of their contract, ending in 2018.

Rye Brook had requested that Port Chester reimburse them for their legal fees and overtime costs to their firefighters, but both expenses were denied in the settlement.



Nyack, New York
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