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Professor brings national discussion on sexual assault into the classroom

College of New Rochelle professor zeros in on sexual predation in several of courses


NEW ROCHELLE — As allegations of sexual misconduct against powerful men continue to surface, many are noting a need for deeper conversations surrounding the complexity of power dynamics and how they impact the workplace.

Dr. Amy Bass teaches numerous courses at the College of New Rochelle where she says the conversation about male and female relationships in and out of the workplace is ongoing.

“Whether we're talking about Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, which is a story that permeates across cultures around the world, but that fairytale is exactly what we are talking about, how to avoid predators, how to stay visible and how to stay safe and fight back and survive,” Bass said

Her classes cover gender politics, identity politics, and cultural politics with a goal to teach students to ask the right questions once they enter the workforce.

And yet, Dr. Bass says we aren't asking the right questions when it comes to the numerous sexual assault allegations against many powerful men in our country.

“We also need to talk about due process, and why is this being heard in the media and not being heard in courts, why are constituencies that are still distrusting women who are brave enough to come forward,” Bass said.

Dr. Bass expects the conversation about sexual harassment to continue on campus, saying she's confident this conversation will stay in the news for weeks to come.

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