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Demonstrators gather as President Trump begins summer getaway in New Jersey

Protestors bring signs with messages that range ‘obstruction of justice’ to ‘dump Trump’


President Donald Trump has begun a more than two week summer getaway with his family at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. But it won't be all fun and games as the president says he will be working, and so will the protesters who have assembled nearby.

The group of demonstrators is making sure their cars and their voices are being heard.

"As a game show host, it seems like one of the ways toget under his skin is to call him a loser since that’s how he likes to frame things," says protester Rob Kennedy.

Speaking of framing, creative signs that read “obstruction of justice” to the standard “Dump Trump” phrase were on display.

It is no alternative fact to say protesters were able to get their message out there, driving from a park in Branchburg to a street next to a library in Bedminster. They also passed by Mr. Trump’s golf course.

The owner of one “Dump Trump” sign is Analilia Mejia, the director of New Jersey Working Families, the group that sponsored the protest. She says even if President Trump is in Bedminster for an extended stay, the group's mission remains the same.

"…So it doesn't matter that he's here to some extent because the message continues to be the same. Call the question and we demand that legislators and elected officials put country before party," Mejia says.

She claims Trump is costing taxpayers money by requiring the security at his golf course here in Bedminster. However, the town is scheduled to be reimbursed for the extra costs.
FiOS1 News did look for pro-trump supporters out here today, but unlike past events, they did not come out to counter the protesters on Saturday.



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