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Ralph’s Italian Ices sues Mamaroneck; seeks to reopen for summer business

Village forced popular ice cream parlor to shut after complaints from neighbors about traffic noise, safety concerns


Ralph's Italian Ices and Ice Cream in Mamaroneck is suing the village after they were forced to shut down. The business went to court looking for the go-ahead to reopen for its peak season.

The popular ice cream shop was forced to close due to complaints from surrounding neighbors regarding traffic, noise, and safety concerns.

Some residents say they didn't quite understand the problem and in fact are angry with their neighbors who complained about the popular spot.

The owners of Ralph’s Italian Ices and Ice Cream is suing the village as well as other defendants for their closure.

“We went to court to ask the court to allow us to open temporarily while the lawsuit is pending, particularly because this is the height of the summer season and this is really the most important time for this business,” said Andrew Schriever, the attorney representing Ralph’s Italian Ices and Ice Cream.

In an injunction filed on Monday with the State Supreme Court, Ralph’s asked for $300,000 worth of damages. On Wednesday the judge denied that request as well as their request to reopen.

“At this stage of the case, the judge doesn't necessarily agree with our case, but that also means that the judge hasn't had the case fully vetted because there are more papers that will now be submitted that really talk about ultimately merits of the case,” Schriever said.

But on a hot summer night, residents wish they could go get Ralph’s.

The lawsuit between Ralph’s Italian Ices and the village is still ongoing.



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