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Ramapo Central schools aim to avoid confusion with neighboring district

President: 40 percent of online search results for Central direct users to East Ramapo

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Ramapo Central schools seek name change to avoid confusion with East Ramapo 

One Rockland County school district is getting closer to changing its name.

Ramapo Central School District is sick of the confusion with neighboring district East Ramampo and wants to change the district’s name.

The Ramapo Central School Board met Tuesday night to discuss plans to decide by Feb. 7 if they will formally begin the process with the state's education department to change their name.

The Board President of Ramapo Central School District, Theresa DiFalco says it is all too often that people are confusing them with their neighboring school district, East Ramapo.

East Ramapo serves about twice as many students as Ramapo Central and according to DiFalco, when it comes to doing a simple Google search on Ramapo Central they found that 40 percent of the time information on East Ramapo would pop up instead.

Although East Ramapo has made headlines lately for budget issues, DiFalco says Ramapo Central is not changing their name for that reason.

When the idea first came out, not all parents, teachers, or community members agreed but according to a survey conducted by the school district over the last three months, nearly 90 percent are in favor of the name change.

Apparently those against it believe dropping the word Ramapo is a hit at the local heritage.

Reports indicate it was due to a lack of attendance at the board meeting Tuesday night why the superintendent was unable to begin the name change process with the state's education department.



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