Raven SantanaOct 3, 2017, 5:00 pm

Hillside man finds 30,000 bees in his home

S.E. Daughtridge says he was able to salvage 10 out of the 40 pounds of honey they left behind


Hillside resident S.E. Daughtridge was shocked to find 30,000 bees living behind a wall in his home office.

The discovery was made when he called a beekeeper after hearing buzzing he could no longer ignore.

“When you put your ear to the wall you could hear the humming, that let me know that something was there. But I had no idea it was 30,000 bees in the wall,” says Daughtridge.

After the removal, Daughtridge was able to keep 10 out of the 40 pounds of honey the bees made while populating his wall.

The beekeeper took most of the honey because there were a lot of eggs in the honey that would eventually hatch; he decided to keep them.

Daughtridge says he has to wait at least a week before he fixes the wall. He plans to insulate the wall before he closes it up so the bees don’t return.



Nyack, New York
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