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National debate on Columbus Day sparks differing opinions in Westchester

Holiday continues to receive some criticism from those who feel Christopher Columbus represents more than the discovery of America


Many attended a wreath-laying ceremony in New York City on Sunday honoring Christopher Columbus as did a small group of protestors dressed as slaves.

The celebration of Columbus Day has come under some scrutiny by those who feel his legacy is one of slavery and genocide.

The issue has some cities and towns wrestling with the notion of whether or not to celebrate the day with the city of Los Angeles replacing the day with Indigenous Peoples Day in August.

"You can't revise history. History is what it is. There are certain ethnic groups where he holds certain meaning," Eugene McLeer of New Rochelle said.

Many statues like the one in White Plains can be found throughout the tri-state area as a tribute to the Italian explorer.

"The fact that we kind of celebrate Columbus Day as a holiday, considering the history behind it, is kind of like a slap in the face to my community and Native Americans," said Shannen Delvalle of the Bronx.

While some say he's a part of a history that can't be erased, others feel it might be setting a bad example.

"I think we're finally coming to a point that we're not honoring that kind of behavior. We're understanding that it's not acceptable to teach our kids that," said Marisa Rae.

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