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Political ad warns voters that Trump wants to run Westchester via ‘his buddy’ Astorino

Democratic Sen. George Latimer says the county executive is supported by ultra-conservative leaders


WHITE PLAINS — With just five days to go, the New York State Democratic Party has unveiled a digital ad that links County Executive Rob Astorino to President Donald Trump and top conservative donor Robert Mercer. In the ad, a narrator tells viewers that "they want Donald Trump running Westchester through his buddy Rob Astorino."

This comes after millionaire Robert Mercer, who has close ties to the White House, announced that he is stepping down as CEO of his hedge fund after media reports revealed that he is a major donor of the Breitbart News Network.

But Astorino calls the ad a Hail Mary attempt to distract voters from Sen. George Latimer and his "trainwreck" of outstanding obligations.

"That's either a Hail Mary or they just have nothing left. And when you can't talk about issues, when you don't want to talk about having four liens on your house and not paying your property taxes, I guess you can try talking about Donald Trump. But people in Westchester deserve better than that," Astorino said.

Astorino claims Latimer’s car was booted last week after he was caught illegally driving it and then lied about it.

And while Astorino says he's never met Steve Bannon, Senator George Latimer feels Mercer’s contributions to a super PAC that backs Astorino is enough of a tie to Bannon.

"Robert Mercer funds Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and Rob Astorino because they share the same extreme ideology. It's a big problem for Astorino, but not as much of a problem as the fact that he's more likely to soon feel a different kind of steel on his wrists than his $10,000 Rolex," Latimer said.

These issues are sure to gain lots more attention in the final days leading up to Election Day.

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