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Westchester residents call on legislators to override Astorino’s veto on gun show ban

Some who are against the gun show feel uncomfortable with vendors that display, sell Nazi paraphernalia at show


WHITE PLAINS — The battle over the gun show ban at the Westchester County Center became a topic of major concern on Monday as residents worked to persuade officials to override Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s veto

In January, the Board of Legislators passed a law that banned the sale of weapons on county property, but Astorino vetoed that bill and allowed a gun show to take place at the county center.

Many residents are against the gun show not just because of the guns but also because of the Nazi paraphernalia displayed and sold at the show.

“Many things have happened in this country since then, the rise of white supremacy as represented by Charlottesville, the massacre in Las Vegas and here at home, just last week, the appearance of white supremacist literature on the Westchester Community College campus,” Larchmont resident Jenny Geer said.

Residents attended the Westchester County Board of Legislators meeting on Monday to persuade their legislators to override the county executives veto.

Rye resident Kristen Lemkau called on the eight legislators who voted in favor of the gun show to reconsider.

“Mr. Testa, Mr. Corcoran, Mrs. Kunzio, Mr. Gelfarb, we will remember you and we will support you or we will hold you accountable when you are up for re-election,” Lemkau said.

Overriding the veto was not on the agenda but the Democratic Caucus pushed to force a vote and it was denied.

“I want to stand with Westchester County residents who really believe that we need to push back on gun culture,” Democratic Legislator Catherine Parker said. “They don't want to see their municipalities buildings used to promote gun culture and I will do everything in my power to stand with them and say it’s right, it’s not acceptable to have it here.”

Astorino says a contract for another gun show has not been signed, but according to Legislator Parker, the vendor is already advertising the sale of "military-style weapons" at a gun show slated for January 2018.

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